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First free lesson! (Part 1/3)

How to structure a successful yoga class for children?


I'm excited to welcome you to this first video, where Peggy will reveal the 3 key steps to effectively structure a yoga class for children. We use these steps every day, and believe me, they work wonders.

As you can imagine, each class must be carefully prepared and not improvised. Improvisation can quickly dampen the enthusiasm of the instructor and hinder the motivation of children, even jeopardizing the best projects.

Greeting Ritual

We also want to share with you our complete outline of a yoga class or session for children according to our methodology. That's why we invite you to dive into this second video right now, presented by Peggy. She will cover the Greeting, which is the first step of the Beginning, followed by a practical example of warm-up.

BEGINNING: Greeting Ritual - Warm-up

DEVELOPMENT: Yoga Poses - Breathing

CLOSURE: Relaxation - Meditation - Farewell Ritual

Practical warm-up example

I hope you make the most of these initial resources. I also invite you to stay tuned for the second practical lesson you will receive tomorrow, focused on yoga posture games, which are part of the development stage.

So, keep an eye on your inbox 💌👀.

See you soon,


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