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Learn Kids Yoga Online

Looking to learn and teach the fundamentals of kids yoga, but not sure where to start?

Our comprehensive online course has got you covered! Our course includes over 100 videos and 5 hours of content, covering all the essential elements of kids yoga. Plus, we’ve thrown in exclusive digital materials to help you along the way.



What You'll Receive in this Kids Yoga Online Course

You will have unlimited and permanent access to the more than 100 videos that guide you step by step, from the basics, to create a successful and safe yoga session for kids. You can watch these videos as many times as you need to understand and master the concepts.

Our original digital material, without the need to invest more money, so you can guide your next class.

The exact same teaching that we offer in our international in-person Kids Yoga training, but from the comfort of your own home and evolving at your own pace.

What you'll learn

Our Kids Yoga Online Course will provide you with the necessary knowledge to introduce children to the world of yoga.

You'll learn what yoga is, its foundations, and types of yoga.

You'll also discover the benefits of child yoga, stages of human development, the role and qualities of the monitor, and how to conduct a successful kids' yoga session.

Plus, we'll teach you dynamic and effective techniques for yoga sessions, including Asanas (Yoga postures), breathing techniques (Pranayama), relaxation methods, and meditation techniques suitable for children.

We'll also show you how to keep things engaging and fun for your young students and explore the different tools and resources you can use to create a well-rounded Yoga session for kids.

We'll cover games, musical instruments, props like candles, fabrics, posters, and more, and you'll learn how to use them responsibly to give your classes a meaningful and holistic touch.

Why did we create this online course?

We have created this online course for all those who, for any reason, could not attend our international face-to-face trainings.

Our goal is to provide you with the same original methodology and tools as our in-person courses, with the same high standard of quality that we are so well known for.

Our mission is to expand children's yoga to anyone who has the desire to start or specialize in this wonderful world, while creating a network of love that can generate significant changes in the education and development of our children.

Do you receive a diploma?

The YogaKiddy online course is a self-paced course. There are no exams or tests, but once you have watched all the videos and downloaded all the digital material, we offer a certificate of completion that proves that you have followed the course from start to finish.

Remember that this certification does not hold any value without practice, on-field experience, and dedication to personal growth and working with children. However, it can help you add value to your professional career if you apply everything you learned.

YogaKiddy's Kids Yoga Course Curriculum